I Need Your Support

Guys, I need your support. Please vote for me so I can continue modding for Symbian. It's simple.

Login to your Facebook Account and Click this link and then click vote.




Name - oreo27
Position - Blog author and administrator
Age - 21
Background - oreo27 started his online life initially interested in Software, particularly the Windows operating system. About a year ago, he purchased what would change his interests for good, a Nokia 5800. Although hesitant at first, he quickly became well informed of the new and existing technologies in mobile phones, particularly the Symbian Operating system. He is now a blogger at hacksymbian, a moderator at the dailymobile forum and a custom firmware creator. He also does reviews and other tweaks and mods.

By day, he is an editor at his regular day job. Get to know him more by reading his posts at hacksymbian.

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