I Need Your Support

Guys, I need your support. Please vote for me so I can continue modding for Symbian. It's simple.

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Minima Update Coming Soon

A new version of Minima is coming soon. See a screenshot of an Alpha version currently being tested by me.

Nokia N8 with Keyboard Video

This is a video of a new Nokia Device which is still a prototype. It looks like an N8 but has a physical QWERT keyboard. As a small note, we can see that the rotation effect is a fading effect which is quite nice. I hope this is used in all Symbian^3 devices.

Restore Hidden Applications

I've made an installer file to restore all hidden applications in S60v5 Firmwares.

More Language Packs for Minima

There are few languages I added and should be working now for Minima.

Restore Default Bootscreen With .sis File

A lot of Custom Firmwares are now out. They have a lot of customizations including bootscreens. Some users do not want these bootscreens and I have provided a solution for these individuals.

Minima Has Added Language Packs

Two new language packs are now added to Minima due to user requests. Check them out at the Minima Page.

Nokia N8 Release Date Confirmed

A reputed member in the dailymobile forum has information on the release date for the Nokia N8.

Minima Updated to 1.2

Minima Custom Firmware for the Nokia 5800 is updated once more. Read the changelog.

Extract Backup Data From NBU (Nokia PC Suite and OVI Suite Backup)

Ever need some data from a corrupted NBU or you just wanted to find specific messages or contacts from your backup without restoring the entire backup file to your phone? Here's how.

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