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Guys, I need your support. Please vote for me so I can continue modding for Symbian. It's simple.

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appleorangefruit's XpressUniverse v 60.0.001 is released

This firmware is one of the best in the modding scene. Have a look inside.

User Interface Speedup

I have made a new installer to boost the speed of the user interface in S60v5 devices.

Download Here

Symbian^3 Homescreen Will Be Backported To Older Devices

There is a project going on now that will allow other Symbian users to use the Homescreen of Symbian^3

Hide Images From The Image Gallery

I've created a modification that when you add images to C:\Wallpaper or E:\Wallpaper, they will be hidden from Nokia's Image Gallery.

Make Your Music Player Search Only E:\Music

I've made a .sisx file which mods your music player to search only E:\Music.

Nokia N8 Sneak Peak

Here's an official video of Nokia regarding the Nokia N8 which will be released in the third quarter of the year.

Make The Screen Rotation Effect Much Faster

I just made a .sisx file that you can install on your accelerometer enabled device like the Nokia 5800XM. This will make the transition between portrait and landscape much faster. An essential mod if you ask me. Simply install and restart.

Download Here

Firmware Editor Nokia GUI Firmware Editor v0.2 is Coming Soon

As stated on the PNHT (Professional Nokia Hacking Team) blog, a new version of their easy to use, graphical tool for editing Nokia Firmwares is soon to be released.

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