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The Phone Hacking Request Thread

I. Introduction

Every few days or so, I see people over at the Symbian v3 Modding and the Symbianv5 Modding boards asking for help on hacking their devices. If possible, I give them a working hack but I have to personally tutor them almost every step of the way. This tends to get tiring and I want that to be replaced almost fully by this guide. Adding the hack is easy in my point of view and it takes me 2-3 minutes to do each one. It's the telling people how to use that hack that takes me a long time and is getting redundant. What's the solution? Add a unified thread like this one wherein all the hacks and guides are available, in one place.

Also, all requests should be made through here in order to lessen the clutter in boards asking for hacking help.

II. Hacked Files and Links - Here I will be placing the most up to date hacks and their download links. Only tested hacks will be placed in here.

Nokia 5230

12.6.092 - Download Link
20.0.005 - Download Link
20.6.006 - Download Link
21.0.004 - Download Link
21.6.005 - Download Link

Nokia 5233, 5232, 5228

12.1.092 - Download Link
20.1.004 - Download Link

nokia 5235
12.6.092 - Download Link

Nokia 5530

30.0.009 - Download Link
31.0.005 - [Download Link

Nokia 5800

51.0.006 - Download Link

Nokia 6220

5.15 - Download Link unverified

Nokia 6700 Slide

33.014 - Download Link

Nokia 6710 Navigator

31.022 - Download Link

Nokia 6720c

31.022 - Download Link

Nokia 6730c

31.022 - Download Link

Nokia C5

31.022 - Download Link
32.010 - Download Link

Nokia N79

32.001 - Download Link

Nokia N86

20.115 - Download Link
21.006 - Download Link
30.009 - Download Link

30.009 - Download Link

Nokia N95 8GB

35.0.001 - Download Link

Nokia N97

22.0.110 - Download Link

22.0.110 - Download Link

N97 Mini

12.0.110 -Download Link
12.2.110 - Download Link

Nokia E52

034.001 - Download Link

Nokia E55

34.001 - Download Link

Nokia E63

410.21.010 - Download Link
500.21.009 - Download Link

Nokia E72

31.012 - Download Link

31.023 - Download Link

31.023 - Download Link

III. Guides

Video Guide by Xlife18

Thank Xlife18 By Clicking Here

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSiC1FSQ5B0" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSiC1FSQ5B0</a>

To start off, this will be a combination of guides and a small guide too, if you will, to point you where to go. The process will be faster and more informative even for the layman.

First things first. Does your phone utilize USB charging? If yes, go to option 3A. Phoenix. If no, go to option 3B. JAF.

1. Download your firmware files with Navifirm or BTUsers.
2. Place them in these folders respectively for every OS. This is assuming you will keep the default installation settings on Phoenix or JAF, respectively. So please do so.
Windows XP, Vista and 7 32 Bit - C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX\
Windows XP, Vista and 7 64 bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-XXX\
RM-XXX is the RM version of your phone. You can find it by typing this in your homescreen/dialler "*#0000#" without the quotes.

3A. Phoenix
1. Download the latest version of Phoenix. - Download Link
2. Follow this guide up to the point before you are about to hit refurbish. Do not hit refurbish. - Link to Guide
3. Reference this guide on how to properly replace your .uda file (hacked file). Fix Your CRC Checksum Eror - Link to Reference Guide
4. Hit Refurbish - Wait for the flashing process to be finished. Your phone will boot up normally but like when it was bought newly.

1. Replace the original firmware file with the .uda (hacked file) - This is the folder where you placed your firmware files in step 2.
2. Follow this guide to flash - Use the latest PKEY Emulator - Download Link
                                     - Download the latest JAF .ini and place it in the JAF installation folder - Link to Thread
                                     - Link to Guide

A couple of notes for Windows Vista and 7 Users.
    When asked to install drivers, choose "Install Drivers Anyway (Not Recommended)". Ignore JAF Installation Errors. It will still work.

4. Copy Patches to X:\Patches  - Download Link
                                           - Where X is your memory card drive is. Usually it's E:\

5. Dance like no one is watching - Open Rom Patcher + in the Applications menu
                                            - Turn on Patches as you wish. The autostart will not work. You have to manually turn on the patches every restart.
                                            - If you'd like the autostart to work, it's quite simple. First, open up Rom Patcher from the applications menu then enable the installserver patch. Then install Rom Patcher + 2.3 (Download Link). The autostart option will now work.
                                            - Installserver - Installing unsigned applications, Open4All - Viewing and Editing of all the files in the file system.

IV. Request Format

Would you like to request your phone to be hacked? It's easy, just follow the the guidelines here and I will get to you as soon as possible.

Phone Model -
RM Version -
Software Version -

Obtained through dialing "*#0000#" without the quotes in the dialer.
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