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N97 Mini Body

Here is a short rundown on the body of the N97 Mini. More stuff is to follow. J
        I.            Box and Contents
·         It’s compact so it will fit nicely into a dresser.
·         CA-101 USB Cable. This phone supports USB Charging.
·         Standard 3.5mm Earphones
·         Small and large ear buds
·         Manuals, Leaflets and OVI Store CD
      II.            Hardware QWERTY Keyboard.
·         Three row.
·         Easy to press buttons.
·         Pretty easy to use. I’m not a QWERTY keyboard user and I actually find it nice now that I’ve used this one.
    III.            Front
·         Secondary VGA Camera
·         Light Sensor
·         Proximity Sensor
·         One Hardware Keyboard – Menu
·         Two “touch buttons” for ending and receiving a call.
·         360x640 screen resolution.
·         Front side border plates are prone to dirt but can be easily washed off with a dry piece of cloth.
    IV.            Back
·         Carl Zeiss 5MP, Dual LED Flash camera.
·         Steel back plating. Easy to clean.
·         Arched at the bottom. I simply love this as it makes it easy for me to hold the device. The device is quite heavy. It is significantly heavier when compared to say, a Nokia 5800.
      V.            Sides
·         Micro USB slot. It is not covered so dirt might be able to come in easily.
·         Slider Lock. This key locks and unlocks the device. It seems significantly sturdier than other Slider Locks that I have encountered.
·         Volume Rocker Key. It is comprised of only one key that can be pressed up or down. It’s pretty easy to distinguish because of that, rather than having two separate keys.
·         Dedicated camera key, This one is pretty useful  especially when you are fond of the autofocus feature or you just want to take a quick snapshot on the go.
·         3.5mm jack. These days, most Nokia Phones come with this as opposed to the 2.5mm ones. This is more convenient since most headsets/headphones come in this size.
·         Power Button. This turns the Phone on and off. It can also be used to switch profiles.
Well, that’s about it for now. Here are some more photos :D

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