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Quicken 1.40 Final Released - Demo Video Inside!

Here's a quick Demo of Quicken 1.40 on a Nokia 5800. Notice that it has theme effects on. No lag whatsoever. For a list of changes, go here. - Link

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  1. Hi,
    thanks for Quicken, but I have discoverd some bugs and other issues:
    1. The light bug when locking the phone is still there. The keys shine, when the phone is locked after 2 minutes.

    Unlocking takes too long: There is a screen that says "Locked" an you can´t push it away, that´s annoying.

    No dialing with the green button!? When I´m going through my contacts and select the one I want to call, I can only do this via the screen. Why not with the green button (sometimes)?

    Red button does not close the menue (sometimes).
    I think both "sometimes" happens if the phone was locked before.

    No kinetic scrolling in file explorer!?

    Photo qualitiy not as good as on original v51 firmware.

    It should be possible to set a standard gallery, so that I can go into a gellery without choosing which one.

    Drawing application should not be preinstalled.

    Remove "Add to favorites" from cantacts menu, this should be in the options (+ in the options of one contact).

    I don´t know if there´s a menu delay, but they sometimes open too slow here, so I click again. But when it opens my second "klick" is interpreted as sth. else.

    It seems that the music player refreshed the libary automatically. Can I tourn this off?

    Ovi Maps is not in the applications directory. If I don´t want it on the homescreen it´s hard to start(Internet --> GPS... I know).

    But thanks for your work. I´m not planning to stop usind it :).


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